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Dear Ramanandan Sir Thank you so much for the welcoming and your hospitality. Very inspiring. Be blessed by the Divine. ​

Richard Liljenberg, Sweden

Dear Ramanandan Sir It was really a wonderful experience though it was my first time int Ayurvedic… It drive me into health concious via
natuaral way.Iam sure continue with your help through out my life. I appreciate your good hospitality. food and accomodationis excellent
Thanking you very much Yours lovingly

T. Bellieraj, Play Back Singer

Dear Dr. Ramanandan What can I say? I am out of words to describe the fabulous care we experienced here for the last 38 days. We came here
with eve so manay problems and we leave with absolutely peaceful, healthy and happy heals and minds. Weare sohappy to mention this was a
pouring and wonderful family vacation. That is I can describe the sweet and excellet care your staff provided …… You are a very verykind
doctor and we wish you a very bright future. We are sad to leave everybody behind especially Anuj and Adwaith. Everyone of them has become
a close part of our life. We are leaving here healthy and peaceful, We will keep in touch. Our thanks to Priya for making our stay pleasant.
Thank you May God Bless youAll


All “dis-ease” is a function of the mind. To overcone any “dis-ease” in our bodies, we first start with the mind. When the mind is preccoupied with
thought of love, care warmth and generosity, “dis-ease” cannot xist. In this holy place, our family was blessed and honoured to be in the presnece
of the Thulasi familu. WE found your care to be excellent, your staff, friendly and efficient and the treatment holistics and exrtemely effectieve.
I have with a sense of sadness yet profound honor to have met and been a part of everyone’s lives here – even if briefly. My love and
respect to every one. Namaste

Nandini Sasthri, USA

Very good treatment. Thank you

P. Arumugan Mani, Thirupoor

I ound the treatment and their administration to b of excellent quality. The technical people respectful and very capable. Dr.Ramanandan’s
attention to detail and listening skills are commendable. I also enjoyed the simple food and found it quite satifins even on fasting days.
Thanks to all for looking after me so nicely through out the panchakarma treatment period and rest days at the doctor’s house

Ian Pegler

Thanks to all at Thulasi Ayurveda, I felt that I was in a true “house of healing”. I was impresses by the knowledge and care given by
Dr. Ramanandan and Dr.Basim and also the expert treatment given by Liju and Ashid. Thanks also to the lovely ladies you all provided
such wonderful food and care. Best Wishes to All.

Tim Canning

Dear Thulasi family We had a great experince and its our pleasure to be inbetween uou all for 18 days. Your love and affection shown towards us
never madeus feel that we are patients undergoing treatment in a hospital. Your hospitality and care gave us homely feel. We are conveying
our regrda to Dr.Ramanandan , Dr. Basim and all Thulasi family.

Varsha, Snehal and Ramya.