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    Ayurveda - The Traditional Medical system of India
    Kerala is a state blessed with suitable climate, availability of medicinal resources, skilled technicians and able Physicians who offer classical methods of treatment called Panchakarma, the detoxification treatment plan of Ayurveda.

    Thulasi Ayurveda Chikitsalayam is one of the traditional institutions in Kerala that belongs to the vaidya family called ‘Erattappalliyalil’ who practices traditional Ayurveda for the last three generations without compromising its values. It is located at Alanallur village in Palakkad District, Kerala.

    All kinds of treatment from common ailments to chronic illnesses like arthritis and acute conditions like trauma are treated by our physicians. The tradition is blessed with the services of a group of Vaidyas from the past generations. Some of the important vaidyas in the tradition include:-
    Late. Vaidya thilakam Sri. Erattappalliyalil Narayana Vaidyar, The Founder Late. Ayurveda Siromani, Sahithya Siromani Sri. Erattappalliyalil Ramankutty Vaidyar Late. Sri. Sreedharan Vaidyar Late. Sri. Brahmanandan Vaidyar Late. Sri Aryavaidyan Dr. E. K. Ganghadharan Late. Aryavaidyan Sri. Dr. E.K. Vidyananandan Aryavaidyan Sri. Dr. E. K. Vijayan Late. Sri. E. K. Mohandas Vaidyar Late. Sri. Dr. E. K Mukundhan DAM Ayurvedacharya Sri. Dr. E. K. Ramanandan, B. A. M. S, M. B. A (Hospital Administration) Ayurvedacharya Sri. Dr. E. K. Rejunath, B. A. M. S. Dr. Anju Mukundan, B. A. M. S.


    Ayurveda Chikitsalayalam Alanallur, Palakkad Dt. Kerala, India - 678601

    Contact No:

    +91 4924 263369, +91 944 634 6245


    www.thulasiayurveda.in, dr@thulasiayurveda.in