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We prepare the medicines in our own manufacturing unit for maximum assurance of purity and potency.

The geographical location of Thulasi Ayurveda is blessed with herbal flora. Hence, fresh herbs are available here from the foot hills of the Western Ghats. The experienced staff in the unit assure quality of herbs and the medicines manufactured.Generally the medicines are prepared from herbs, minerals and herbo-minerals. The main sources of medicines are herbs themselves, and are prepared in the form of decoctions,
Powders, oils etc. in single form and in combinations. Medicines are presented in different modes according to the difference in preparation. They include…


Arishtams – Naturally fermented herbal preparations from a decoction of herbs.

Asavams – Naturally fermented herbal preparations from the juices of fresh herbs, or water-soaked powdered dry herbs.

Different combinations medicines are prepared to treat the different diseased conditions.

External Medicines
The external medicines are the medicines used to apply on the body.
They are: