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Classical Ayurvedic treatment in homely atmosphere with modern hygienic facilities

Individualized care, with a Patient – Physician ratio of 8:1

Spiritually and devotionally approached treatment, with Yoga and meditation, to assess the mental status

Round-the-clock accessibility of the physician

Self – sufficient medicine manufacturing unit, which ensures the potency of the medicines and facility to manufacture any special combinations required for the treatments, which we mean by individualized care

Traditional Ayurvedic knowledge along with modern scientific approach, with qualified professionals

Ayurvedic medical diet suitable for the treatment

Separate treatment room for men and women, with appropriate staff also

Experienced Physicians, Therapists & Pharmacists

House-keeping and Laundry facilities at nominal charges

Well equipped treatment room with all facilities of Panchakarma Treatments

Medical emergency facilities nearby

Out – Patient Consultation
Patients from surrounding places depend the clinic for healthcare consultation. The Physicians prescribe the medicines after Ayurvedic Clinical examination and suggest necessary treatments, if necessary.

The consultation time is 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM & 4. 00 PM to 6. 00 PM. (Sunday Holiday)

The Clinic is famous for care of cases in Pediatrics, Rheumatology, Gastro-intestinal disorders, Arthritis, Spinal Disorders and Skin diseases. Consultation is on the basis of fixed appointments only.

In-Patient Facilities
The Hospital has facilities to accommodate patients and offer them treatments for varied medical conditions.